At the November 16 council meeting, following a Public Hearing, Bellaire City Council voted unanimously to deny a request by Evelyn’s Park Conservancy regarding a parking lot at 4300 Bellaire Blvd.

The Conservancy had applied for amendments to Written Text or Official Zoning District Map of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Bellaire to include a definition for Accessory Parking and to include Accessory Parking to specific uses allowed under Setion 24-534B. They also sought a specific use permit to allow for construction and use of an accessory parking lot for off site parking as provided in Section 534B.

The controversial parking lot sits at 4300 Bellaire Blvd in the Center Point easement. It was mistakenly permitted and allowed to be constructed in an area zoned residential. Since that time residents have complained about the detriment of the lot to neighbors and the image it presents as you enter the City of Bellaire. The lot was to be used as overflow parking for Evelyn’s Park and as employee parking for the new Southside Commons center which replaced the old Palace Lanes Bowling Alley.

After lengthy citizen input at Planning and Zoning and City Council meetings, the Council rejected the attempt to legitimize the parking lot and the lot will be removed.