At the January 23 Bellaire City Council Meeting, Council asked staff to look further into the zoning regulations of a city owned property located at 1311 First St. This property is one of two being considered for the location of a new modular dog pound for the City of Bellaire.

Police Chief Lopez made a presentation for Council and discussed the pros and cons of two potential sites for the pound. The property on First St. is located within the City of Bellaire while the second property is located in Houston just south of NRG Stadium. Chief Lopez prepared an Agenda Statement for the meeting which states that “the City of Bellaire owns property located at 1311 N. First Street. This property is approximately 0.48 acres and is currently undeveloped. The Jerry and Maury Rubenstein Foundation has generously agreed to donate funds for use towards the First Street Pound Replacement Project in the amount of $100,000.00. With this donation, the Police Department estimates the City’s total cost for the project at this location will be $303,120.60.”

The second option on Bellfort St. in Houston is a less expensive option. Chief Lopez stated that “Texas Pipe and Supply currently leases to the City a parcel of land for use as a firearms training facility. Expansion of the Texas Pipe and Supply business operations requires the facility to be moved to a different site on the same property, which is located at approximately 2328 W. Bellfort, Houston, Texas 77054. This site is approximately 2.9 acres and is undeveloped. Texas Pipe and Supply is developing the site for the firearms training facility and has offered to co-locate the dog pound at the same site. Texas Pipe and Supply will fund costs associated with site preparation and costs related to the modular facility. The Police Department estimates the City’s total cost for the project at this location to be $33,225.60”.

Two residents spoke at the meeting and stated they would like to see the pound stay in Bellaire. There was a lengthy discussion with Council Members divided on which location would be best. Council Member Lewis brought up many cons for the Bellfort location while Council Member Wesley stated he was for the Belfort location. Mayor Friedberg brought up the zoning for the property and that soon became the focus of discussion as it was not clear whether the City could get a needed variance to make the First St. property viable. Council instructed staff to look into the zoning issues.

Listen to the discussion HERE. Click on item 2.

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