I am Gus Pappas and I am running for Mayor of Bellaire.

Gus Pappas running for Bellaire Mayor

I served for 8 years on City Council, 4 of which was as the Mayor Pro Tem. We accomplished a great deal during my time on Council, essentially transforming the City, e.g., two new schools were built and another redeveloped, along with several new commercial development projects, the construction of Evelyn’s Park and the improvement of many others, a new Police Department building, Courthouse, City Hall, and Civic Center were constructed, water and sewer lines replaced, the water meters were digitized, and number of new streets replaced, to name a few.  This was all done despite the challenges of the tax day, May day, and Harvey flood events and, of course, the Covid-19 pandemic.

Notwithstanding this progress, there is still more to do.  By way of example, many of our streets remain un-repaired, our drainage master plan work must continue, meeting the goal of fully staffing our police and fire departments must always be a priority, and maintaining our parks as well as the traditions that make Bellaire one of the top 12 places to live in America.

While doing the Goliath work, though, we must not forget the David work, i.e., providing the essential services, making sure that the water and sewer lines flow, the garbage and recycling is picked up, our ordinance and fiscal integrity is maintained, as well as ensuring that the quiet enjoyment of our peaceful town continues.

Strong and experienced leadership, that is what the residents of Bellaire have come to expect and that is what I can offer.